Students of Color Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference

Hope College will host the Students of Color Leadership Conference on their campus November 1-2, 2024.

The theme is “Revolutionary Imagination.” Details to follow shortly.

This annual conference is hosted by a different GLCA school each year to provide students of color the opportunity to encourage academic success; strengthen their skills of leadership and cultural awareness; develop effective activism skills; and network with peers from similar institutions, backgrounds, and experiences.

The intersectionality of identities for students of color at Historically White Institutions (HWI) can be complex yet rewarding. The ability to connect with various cultures, individuals and communities allow students the opportunity to build relationships that foster academic success while maintaining a carefree sense of self. Yet many times the stress of balancing collegiate life, relationships and the demands of society lead to the neglect of self-care and wellness. The goal of this conference is to unite students with the idea of self-love, awareness and pride, while actively caring for their community.

The 2023 Students of Color Leadership Conference was hosted by DePauw University, The Theme was “#PullTheNextOneUp.”

The 2022 Students of Color Leadership Conference was hosted by Antioch College, the theme was Beyond the Mask: Uncovering the Roots of Racial Justice and Imagining a World that Centers Human Rights.

2021   Cancelled due to COVID

2020   #BeyondtheMask: Pandemic within a Pandemic (Antioch – virtual)

2019   Still I Rise: Dreams of our Ancestors (Ohio Wesleyan)

2018   This Isn’t Anything New: Strategies for Survival and Success (Albion)

2017   Going Back to Our Roots (Allegheny)

2016   Loving Y(OUR)SELVES. Carefree. Solidarity. Wellness.  (Wooster)

2015   Student Success: The Politics of institutional Culture. (Hope)

2014   Who am I? Navigating the Depths of Intersectionality as a Student Leader and Activist (DePauw)

2013   Picture This: 21st Century Scholar – Activism (Denison)

2012   Driving Our Journey to Excellence: Understanding Power and Privilege to Shape a Socially Just World (Kalamazoo)

2011   Conference Theme: “New Decade, New Challenges: Access, Justice, Leadership and Sustainability” (Allegheny)

2010   Transformative Leadership for Social Justice Work and Political Activism: Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection, and Personal Development (Kenyon)

2009   Theme Unknown (Oberlin)

2008   Theme Unknown (Wooster)

2007   Reclaiming Our Virtues (Hope)

2006   Living, Practicing & Cultivating Leadership (OWU)

2005   Answering the Call: Multicultural Student Leadership & Social Justice Activism (DePauw)

2004   Remembering Our Past, Claiming Our Future (Denison)

2003   C.A.R.D. Consistency, Academics, Responsibility and Drive (Wooster)

2002   The Color of Our Future (Hope)

2001   Sound the Alarm! Taking Responsible Action for Self, Campus and Community! (Kenyon)

2000   Theme Unknown (Wooster)

1999   Turning up The Heat: Leadership and Involvement for Unity in the 21st Century: Crossing Boundaries, Creating Coalitions and Changing Climates (Earlham)

1998   Black and Latino Leaders the Year 2000 and Beyond (Albion)

1997   Cancelled

1996   The Crossroads: Black and Latino Student Unions in the 21st Century (Wooster)

1995   Creating Connections 2 (DePauw)

1994   Creating Connections 1 (Hope)

1992   Why a Black and Latino Student Leadership Conference? (Wooster)

1991   Critical Issues Facing Black and Latino Faculty & Administrative (Albion)

1990   First Black and Latino Students Leadership Conference Theme Unknown (Earlham)

For additional details on the conference, contact GLCA’s Program Officer, Charla White: [email protected]; phone 734.661.2340.