Global Crossroads Internationalization Initiative

The Global Crossroads Internationalization Initiative seeks to advance internationalization of the programs of learning that define our undergraduates’ experience of the liberal arts. There are two grant-based programs focused on institutional efforts and two grant-based programs that are open to faculty members.

The initiative will consider grant proposals through to the end of April 2023, and all funds must be spent by the end of 2023. Funding is tied to participation; a GLCA campus will receive funding based on the programs it chooses to participate in each year. Participation must demonstrably advance a campus’ internationalization efforts.

Campus-Focused Crossroads Programs

International Innovation Fund – This program provides support for each GLCA campus to advance its goals to internationalize the programs of learning that define an undergraduate’s experience of the liberal arts.

Innovation Fund Call for Proposals

Grand Challenge – A Grand Challenge is a topic of global significance that transcends disciplinary boundaries and has important implications for humanity. Each year, exploration of a Grand Challenge will be the thematic focal point for curricular and co-curricular programming across all participating Alliance campuses.  The Grand Challenge topic is Challenging Borders.

Grand Challenge Call for Proposals

Faculty-Focused Crossroads Programs

Themed Courses – Through collaborative development of shared course materials (i.e., with faculty collaborators from Alliance institutions) and by offering shared courses with international dimensions, faculty members will engage their students in interdisciplinary and international topics. Proposals to offer a Themed Course are developed by faculty teams and are submitted through the Alliance Liaison from one of the participating campuses.

Themed Courses Call for Proposals

New Directions in Global Scholarship – This program supports GLCA faculty members wishing to develop a new area of scholarly expertise that extends the global reach of current research or teaching. Recipients must seek out collaborators from Alliance institutions with expertise in the subject. Proposals in this program are developed by two or more faculty members and are submitted through the Alliance Liaison from one of the participating GLCA campuses.

New Directions Call for Proposals

Global Learning Courses – Courses offered through this program complement internationalization efforts by connecting courses in ways that leverage the expertise and cultural diversity of the thirty colleges and universities in the Global Liberal Arts Alliance. See the Global Learning Courses page for requirements, support, and how to participate.

Global Crossroads Leadership

GLCA Program Officer – Simon Gray manages the Global Crossroads initiative and Alliance programming

Alliance Liaisons – Each Alliance campus has an Alliance Liaison appointed by the institution’s president. The Liaison has responsibility for overseeing all Crossroads efforts and for advocacy of Alliance programs, communication with campus stakeholders, and oversight of the campus’ engagement with Alliance programs.