GLCA Academic Leadership and Innovation

The GLCA Academic Leadership and Innovation (GALI) series of workshops provides professional development and supporting communities of practice for faculty, staff, and administrators to become institutional stewards with the skills and institutional knowledge needed to provide leadership on institutional decision making and plan implementation.

Faculty GALI Objectives

Review the challenges and opportunities faced by our types of institutions.

Provide a broad understanding of institutional operations and decision making, including aligning mission and values with budget constraints.

Introduce conflict mediation strategies.

Identify strategies to address institutional needs within and across institutional teams.

Department Chair GALI Objectives

Review how the challenges and opportunities faced by our types of institutions matter to an academic department.

Foster a leadership mindset in support of the department and the institution.

Describe the structure and function of various parts of an institution and how they contribute to the institution’s success and to the success of a department’s students.

Explore skills, tools, and strategies to address the range of roles department chairs play.

Provide new chairs opportunities to exchange insights and receive advice on issues they face from department chairs across the GLCA, laying a foundation for sustained collegial interaction with department chairs beyond one’s own institution.

Staff and Administrator GALI Objectives

Provide administrators/staff with an institution-wide understanding of institutional operations and decision making through a review of the workings, priorities, and challenges of five administrative divisions.

Develop administrators/staff to be institutional stewards who can provide leadership around key institutional issues.

Prepare administrators/staff to plan for their future direction(s) in higher education, aligned with their personal and professional values and in support of their institution’s priorities.

More Information

The GLCA will continue to develop programs for various constituencies and utilizing various modalities to meet the evolving needs of our institutions and their faculty, administrators, and staff.  As these are developed, we will continue to update this webpage.

For more information on this signature GLCA program, contact Colleen Monahan Smith: [email protected].