February 2023

February 7
New Writers Award:  Melissa Valentine at Kalamazoo College

February 8
New Writers Award:  Michael X. Wang & Melissa Valentine at Hope College

February 10
Webinar: The Global Courses Connections Program – Connecting Courses Internationally
9 am East Coast U.S. (GMT/UTC-5)
Webinar Registration

February 23
GLCA Virtual Career Fair

March 2023

March 7
New Writers Award:  Sumita Chakraboty at Hope College

March 27
New Writers Award:  Michael X. Wang & Melissa Valentine at Denison University

March 28
New Writers Award:  Michael X. Wang at The College of Wooster

March 28-29
Meeting of the GLCA International and Off-Campus Education Committee, The Kensington Hotel, Ann Arbor

March 31
Meeting of the GLCA Academic Council (virtual)

April 2023

April 7-9
Chinese Language Faculty Workshop “Decolonizing Chinese Studies and Diversifying Chinese Language Curriculum”, The College of Wooster

April 10-11
GLCA Deans’ Council Meeting, Earlham College

April 11-12
GLCA Board of Directors Meeting, Earlham College

April 19-20
Midwest College Showcase

April 21-22
Meeting of German Language faculty, supported by the Mellon Crossroads Shared Languages Program, Hilton Garden Inn, Ann Arbor

April 30 – May 2
Challenging Borders in Domestic and International Human Rights conference, Albion College

May 2023

May 15-16
Financial Aid Officers Meeting, Hope College

July 2023

July 26-30
The Alliance Institute on Oral History in the Liberal Arts
Antioch College, Yellow Springs Ohio
Oral History Project Call for Proposals

July 31 – August 3
Global Course Connections Workshop
Antioch College, Yellow Springs Ohio
Global Course Connections Program & Call for Courses