Off-Campus Study

The Great Lakes Colleges Associated Off-campus programs of study are offered in New York (New York Arts), Philadelphia (The Philadelphia Center), Tucson (Border Studies), and Japan (Japan Study). The programs include courses and internships for academic credit.

Athens Democracy Forum

The Athens Democracy Forum is held each fall in Athens, Greece. Convened by the Democracy & Culture Foundation in association with The New York Times, the Forum brings together governmental, non-governmental, and industry leaders to discuss the state of democracy around the world. The Global Liberal Arts Alliance sends a cohort of students to Athens for a week to meet and share their experiences with democracy and to participate in the Forum, providing a global youth perspective on democracy and democratic processes.

Alliance Institutes

Institutes bring together faculty, staff, and students from across the Global Liberal Arts Alliance to share their work (research, curricular and co-curricular programming) on globally relevant topics such as water, global health, civic engagement, leadership, and transnational feminisms. These explorations encompass aspects of liberal education that Alliance schools have in common and the unique institutional contexts that shape each institution’s approach to the topic. Students participate in joint presentations with faculty and staff, and in student-only panels.

Students of Color Leadership Conference

Representatives from the GLCA Committee for Institutional Commitment for Educational Equity are responsible for sponsoring the annual conference. The goals of the conference are to encourage academic success, strengthen leadership skills and cultural awareness, develop effective activism skills, and network with peers who have similar backgrounds and experiences and attend similar institutions. The conference is open only to GLCA member colleges.

Tuition Remission Exchange

The Great Lakes Colleges Association operates the GLCA Tuition Remission Exchange (GLCA-TRE) program, which allows the children of member college employees to attend any of the member colleges tuition free. The thirteen member colleges of the GLCA, along with Beloit College, Grinnell College, Willamette University, and Wittenberg University are participating members for a total of 17 institutions.