Disciplinary Convenings

The Great Lakes Colleges Association may provide modest levels of funding ranging from $500 to $1,500 to faculty groups that share a common disciplinary or interdisciplinary interest and seek to build communities of interest or practice across GLCA’s member colleges. Such meetings typically focus on faculty professional development.

Proposals for GLCA support of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary meeting should state in two or three pages the purpose of the program and describe how GLCA funds would be used to support its purpose. In some cases GLCA support augments funding that a meeting’s organizers have obtained from other sources. Proposals are reviewed by GLCA program oļ¬ƒcers and its President, as well as the GLCA Deans Council.

After a meeting has convened, GLCA asks the organizers to provide a brief accounting of how GLCA funds were spent.

To discuss ideas that you would like to propose, contact Charla White – [email protected].