GLCA Happenings


The BIPOC Faculty Leadership Council ended the 2023-2024 year with an in-person convening of seven members from five campuses along with GLCA President Mickey McDonald. They wrapped up conversations about this year’s topic – Recruiting and Retaining BIPOC Faculty – and also talked more generally about leadership on campus.


In February 2024, the GLCA held its inaugural Pop-Up GALI, hosted at Kalamazoo College, to focus on the dynamics of leadership and decision-making in a liberal arts college.  Members from Kalamazoo College, Hope College and Albion College participated in this one-day event to deepen understanding and appreciation of institution-level budgeting through presentation and an active budgeting exercise.  The group also discussed personal and institutional leadership when confronted with sticky or challenging situations.  (photos include participates getting to know each other, introduction to the program by Mickey McDonald and the small group budget exercise).