Global Learning Course Matching

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LACS 290 Environmental Issues in Latinx Studies
Christina Holmes, [email protected], DePauw University
The course will explore environmental issues that impact Latinx communities in the U.S. (e.g. green gentrification in Chicago’s Little Village; environmental justice concerns in industries disproportionately employing Latinxs, such as the meat processing and agricultural labor sectors) as well introduce students to major environmental struggles across Latin America, including movements against resource extraction, land rights and Indigenous sovereignty movements, and international concerns for the high rates of state violence against land defenders in countries such as Honduras. Analysis of contemporary environmental issues will be contextualized with respect to the colonial histories of Latin America and U.S. imperial expansion as well as the ways colonization has given way to racial capitalism in today’s neoliberal economic landscape. Attention will be paid to the gendered dynamics of oppression and struggles to resist. The course will be offered through the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program and will cross list with DePauw’s Environmental Fellows Program. Potential other cross-listing opportunities may include Global Health, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.
Expected Enrollment: 15-20
Prerequisites: None
Semester/Year: 2022-2023 and/or 2023-2024
Likely Discipline Matches: Latin American Studies, Environmental Studies