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Spring 2021

Elizabeth Barrios, [email protected], Albion College

Distinctions in geography, language, and economic power have created the belief in two distinct Americas: one made up of a single country north of the Rio Grande, and another one qualified as “Latin. ” Upon close examination, however, the idea of two Americas does not hold up. On one hand, such a distinction fails to account for much of the region. On the other hand, the history of the so-called “New World ” is filled with connections rooted in the legacies of European conquest and colonization, the decimation of indigenous populations, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, as well as the continual movement of people and commodities. This course explores the interconnected histories and cultures of what was once known as “the New World.” Special attention will be paid to the history, artistic production, and political movements of Indigenous populations, the African Diaspora, and immigrant groups throughout the Americas.

Expected enrollment: 20

Prerequisites: none

Matching disciplines: Latino Studies, Latin American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Spanish, English Lit, Border Studies