Kalamazoo College Faculty Member Wins Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

The GLCA extends its hearty congratulations to Diane Suess, professor emerita of English at Kalamazoo College, who has won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for her volume of poetry entitled frank: sonnets, published by Graywolf Press. 

The poems adopt the literary form of the sonnet, a highly structured genre often employed as a kind of set piece.  Seuss applies this mode toward different ends, exploring moments in her life that are often painful in their rendering. 

The Pulitzer Prize Board’s description of her work calls “frank: sonnets” “a virtuosic collection that inventively expands the sonnet form to confront the messy contradictions of contemporary America, including the beauty and the difficulty of working-class life in the Rust Belt.”

We of the GLCA regard Diane Seuss a special colleague.  Between 2008 and 2017 she served several times as a poetry judge of the GLCA New Writers Award.  We are pleased to celebrate her achievement in frank: sonnets, which is her fifth published volume of poetry. 

Read the announcement from Kalamazoo College here

Congratulations, Diane!