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Multicultural Admissions Officers

The Multicultural Committee on Admissions (MCA) is a consortial group whose membership is drawn from Multicultural Recruitment Coordinators (or their equivalents) based at GLCA colleges. Membership is contingent on service in a capacity related to the group's remit which is described below. For their part, committee members elect the Convener and Co-Convener on a biennial basis, and protocol requires the existing Co-Convener to assume the role of Convener at the end of her or his term, while a new Co-Convener is elected thereafter.

The MCA's mission is threefold, namely to provide professional development and networking opportunities for its members in order to increase retention in a high turnover field, develop strategies to increase the population of domestic students of color on GLCA campuses and undertake community outreach via Planning for College (PFC), a pre-college planning program for middle school students.

The MCA meets twice a year (typically in May and August) on the campuses of GLCA colleges and holds a conference call in December.

  • Albion College

    Marcus Gill
    Assistant Director

  • Allegheny College

    Cornell LeSane
    Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions

  • Allegheny College

    Michelle Armendariz Hall
    Admissions Counselor & Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

  • Antioch College

    W. Shane Creepingbear
    Admission Counselor and Multicutural Recruitment & Enrollment Coordinator

  • Gariot Louima
    Dean of Admission & External Relations

  • Denison University

    Nancy Gibson
    Senior Associate Director of Admissions & Director of Multi-Ethnic Admissions

  • Denison University

    Katrina Tijerina
    Assistant Director

  • DePauw University

    Curtis Ferguson
    Associate Director of Admissions

  • DePauw University

    Orlando Ramirez
    Assistant Director of Admission & Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

  • Earlham College

    Anthony Grant
    Associate Director of Admissions

  • Hope College

    William Vanderbilt
    Vice President of Admissions

  • Kalamazoo College

    Andrew Grayson
    Assistant Director of Admission

  • Marcus Johnson
    Assistant Director of Admission

  • Kenyon College

    Robin Bowers
    Senior Associate Director of Admissions

  • Kenyon College

    Veronica Hauad
    Senior Associate Dean of Admissions & Director of Admissions Recruitment & Outreach

  • Oberlin College

    Jesse Hernandez
    Associate Director of Admissions

  • Ohio Wesleyan University

    Reggie Onyido
    Associate Director of Admission & Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

  • Wabash College

    Nikolas Jones
    Assistant Director

  • The College of Wooster

    David Yokley
    Associate Director of Admissions

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