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Career Services Officers

The Career Services Officers from each GLCA campus meet annually in the late spring, commonly in a central location. This group works closely with students to assist and guide choices involving summer internships, service learning opportunities, career selection and development, interviewing skills and portfolio development. If you are an employer who wants to advertise an opening, interview students, or participate in a job fair, contact the office or committee member listed below to learn about such opportunities.

For more information on the Career Services Officers, please contact Charla White, External Relations and Event Coordinator.

  • Albion College

    Patricia Hoch-Melluish,
    Interim Director, Career Development

  • Allegheny College

    Michaeline Shuman,
    Director, Career Services

  • Dension University

    Kathleen Powell,
    Director, Career Exploration & Development Team

  • DePauw University

    Steven Langerud,
    Director of Professional Opportunities

  • Earlham College

    Erik Larsen,
    Assoc., Vice Presdient, Career Development

  • Hope College

    Dale Austin,
    Director, Career Services

  • Kalamazoo College

    Joan Hawxhurst,
    Director, Center for Career & Professional Development

  • Kenyon College

    Scott Layson,
    Director, Career Development

  • Oberlin College

    Richard Berman,
    Director, Career Services

  • Ohio Wesleyan University

    Leslie Melton,
    Director, Career Services

  • Wabash College

    R. Scott Crawford,
    Director, Schroeder Center for Career Development

  • The College of Wooster

    Lisa Kastor,
    Director, Career Services

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