Library of Congress Research Initiative

COVID-19 Update

The Library of Congress remains closed to visitors during the pandemic.  There will be no GLCA-Library of Congress program in the summer of 2021.

In a partnership with the U.S. Library of Congress, the Great Lakes Colleges Association invites proposals from faculty of its member colleges – and from the extended network of institutions participating in the Global Liberal Arts Alliance – to participate in a faculty/student collaborative research program drawing on the resources of the world’s most comprehensive research library.

The program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students and faculty mentors to receive direct support for scholarly research in a humanities or social science discipline from designated Library of Congress research librarians – a level of research support generally accorded to established scholars and advanced-level graduate students.

The seminar takes place for ten days in early or mid-July. The program pays the travel, lodging, and food costs of the faculty leader during the ten days at the Library of Congress. The GLCA also helps to offset the costs students incur through a modest research stipend and provision of housing in Washington, D.C.

A full description of this and other elements of the program can be found in the program’s Request for Proposals. The deadline for receipt of proposals is the first Monday in February of each year. Proposals are reviewed by Library of Congress and GLCA staff , and decisions are announced on the first Monday of March.

Summer 2019 projects

Project Title:
White Supremacist Thought and the Struggle for Union in the Civil War Era

Faculty Leader:
Marcy Sacks
Professor of History
Albion College, Albion, Michigan, USA

Project Title:
Coming to America: The Early Arab-American Generations

Faculty Leader:
David Tresilian
Assistant Professor, English and Comparative Literature
American University in Paris, Paris, France

Project Title:
Poetic Modernisms, Gender, and Obscenity in Four Indian languages

Faculty Leader:
Kedar Kulkarni
Assistant Professor, Literary and Cultural Studies
FLAME University, Pune, India